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PersonOrganisations (512)
Oliver Kenton#
Adam Barr-
martin greaves-
Ian UnsworthAIL
Severine Hubscher-DavidsonAston University
Gemma SatterthwaiteAstrazeneca
Maybo ChiuBreakthrough Cancer Research - University of Manchester
Susann BuschBreakthrough Cancer Research. University of Manchester
Mark CockerillCancer Research UK
Ralph SibleyCapita Symonds Ltd
johann hoschtitzkycentral manchester foundation trust
Angella BryanCentral Manchester University Hospitals NHS FTrust/Christie NHS FTrust/ University of Manchester
Eoghan DarbyshireCentre for Atmospheric Science, SEAES, University of Manchester.
Dimitra KarachaliouCLAHRC
Tanviha QuraishiCMFT
Michael WaringCompany
Bill SpenceCompany
Kate SmithCRUK Drug Discovery Unit, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Pia ThommesEuprotec
Kirsten WrightEuprotec
Eleanor BurgessEuprotec
Peter WarnEuprotec Ltd
Angela BallHospital
Carol HaighManchester Metropolitan Univerrsity
Alexander KilleenManchester Metropolitan University
Beatriz Macia RuizManchester Metropolitan University
Angel Goni-MorenoManchester Metropolitan University
Martyn AmosManchester Metropolitan University
Andonis ZagorianakosManchester Metropolitan University
John SchostakManchester Metropolitan University
Christopher RegoManchester Metropolitan University
Stephen HoonManchester metropolitan University
Daniel RowsonManchester Univeristy
Gavin WhiteManchester University
steve lyonsManchester University
Tim BurgisManchester University
Kevin TaylorManchester University
Steven MayManchester University
Emily RowlingManchester University
Caroline MooreManchester University
Amanda ODonnellManchester University
Claire ColeManchester University
ana villegasmanchester university
Michael HughesManchester University
Jill EbreyManchester University
Des RichardsMMU/IRM
Ana SoldnerOther
Flor Maria Perez-CampoPateron Institute for Cancer Research
Ian WaddellPaterson Insitute for Cancer Research
Ricardo GândaraPaterson Inst for Cancer Res
EVA GARCIA ALEGRIApaterson institute
James LynchPaterson Institute
Sara CuvertinoPaterson Institute
Andrew HudsonPaterson Institute
Christine WhitehurstPaterson Institute Cancer Reaserch
Deborah BurtPaterson Institute foor Cancer research
Yujun DiPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Julian BlaserPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Kathryn SimpsonPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Milena MazanPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Marija MaricPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Andrzej MazanPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Tim SomervillePaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Timurs MaculinsPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Matthew KrebsPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Maria Jose Villalobos QuesadaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Daniel WisemanPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Alexia WliadesPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Kuan Yoow ChanPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Allan JordanPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Richard MaraisPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Malgorzata GozdeckaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
John BrognardPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Ivan AhelPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Dragana AhelPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Victoria GalvisPaterson institute for Cancer Research
Valerie KouskoffPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Suzanne FaulknerPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Mahmood AyubPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Graeme ThomsonPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Kate HoganPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
magdalena florkowskaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Emily HolmesPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Rebecca NewtonPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Jodie WhitakerPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Elli MarinopoulouPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Gillian CampbellPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Natalie StephensonPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Ruth PerkinsPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Jakub ChudziakPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Angeliki MalliriPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Monika StefanskaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Zoe EdwardsPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Eleanor FrenchPaterson Institute For Cancer Research
Rebecca FoulgerPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Claire HartPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Helen WhalleyPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Chris ClarkPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Chris WirthPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Anna MarusiakPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Rachel PowellPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Filippo CiceriPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Julie EdwardsPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Deepti WilksPaterson Institute for cancer Research
Luis GarciaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research
Eva BarkauskaitePaterson Institute for Cancer Research UK
Alexander ThapaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Danish MemonPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Bohdan WaszkowyczPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Christopher MorrowPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Urszula PolanskaPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Vania BaldanPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Kelly BrooksPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester
Bruno SimõesPaterson Institute of Cancer Research
keren dawsonPaterson Institute of Cancer Research
Nikki MarchPaterson Institute of Cancer Research
Seema AlexanderPaterson Institute of Cancer Research
Iain HaganPaterson Institute, University of Manchester
Kyaw AungPaterson Institutr for Cancer Research
Avinash PatelPaterson Instiute for Cancer research
Michael TallisPatterson Institute for Cancer Research
alice robinsonpatterson intitute
Helen SmallPICR
Roshana ThambyrajahPICR
Shameem FawdarPICR
Matt RutherfordPrivate
Gareth BeirnePrivate
Grania McCannPrivate Citizen
Natalie BriggsPrivate Citizen
david woodprivate citizen
Matt Cooperprivate citizen
Leigh DoughtyPrivate Citizen
Tracy RidgwayPrivate Citizen
Lu Shin Wongprivate citizen
Lee BrophyPrivate citizen
Fergus CrawfordPrivate Citizen
Joyce HoltPrivate citizen
Seamus GriffinPrivate citizen
Gillian ChristophersonPrivate citizen
Jane Ayresprivate citizen
Ruth Elderprivate citizen
Michael Stuckeyprivate citizen
David MoatPrivate Citizen
ANDREA PAZOS LOPEZprivate citizen
Penelope Johnsonprivate, SME
Dominika GasiorowskiQueen Mary University of London
Shirley CocksTameside Hospital
Christopher MooreThe Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Jill TippingThe Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Peter JulyanThe Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Hans-Ulrich LaaschThe Christie NHS Foundation Trust
John PragThe Manchester Museum, University of Manchester
Steve WalkerThe Open University
Daniel MorrisThe Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Berta Sanchez-LaordenThe Paterson institute for cancer research
Robert SloaneThe Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Hadir MareiThe Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, The University of Manchester
Cristina FerrerasThe University of Manchester
Pedro MendesThe University of Manchester
Robert RozanskiThe University of Manchester
Egle AvizienyteThe University of Manchester
ELENI THEODORAKOPOULOUThe University of Manchester
Frances ShawThe University of Manchester
Nigel ScruttonThe University of Manchester
Gisela OrozcoThe University of Manchester
Roberto CarrascoThe University of Manchester
Richard HenchmanThe University of Manchester
Leon AaronsThe University of Manchester
Hannah GornallThe University of Manchester
Rachel ArnoldThe university of manchester
Melissa BaxterThe University of Manchester
Aleksandra Baron-Wiechecthe University of Manchester
Alexander PremetThe University of Manchester
Juste ArcisauskaiteThe University of Manchester
James WhiteheadThe University of Manchester
Christopher EmersicThe University of Manchester
Zheng ZhouThe University of Manchester
Martin LotzThe University of Manchester
Torsten HenkelThe University of Manchester
David DenningThe University of Manchester
Andrew HighamThe University of Manchester
Kayode OgungbenroThe University of Manchester
Pawel LeznickiThe University of Manchester
Matthew JacksonThe University of Manchester
Beatriz Rodriguez GrandeThe University of Manchester
David RobertsonThe University of Manchester
Patricia ClayThe University of Manchester
Nicholas JohnsonThe University of Manchester
Shen-hsi YangThe University of Manchester
Peristera RobotiThe University of Manchester
Quentin RoebuckThe University of Manchester
Emma DeanThe University of Manchester
Richard LayfieldThe University of Manchester
Dimitrina KanevaThe University of Manchester
Namshik HanThe University of Manchester
Justin EvansThe University of Manchester
Tim WareThe University of Manchester
Maria Pampakathe university of manchester
Karolina KlukThe university of manchester
Tom PettiniThe University of Manchester
John GledhillThe University of Manchester
Aravind VijayaraghavanThe University of Manchester
Ursel BangertThe University of Manchester
Wemedh AealThe University Of Manchester
Douglas KellThe University of Manchester
Torben SteegTSCR
Susana MarinhoUHSM NHS FT, University of Manchester
Georgina Waylenuinversity of manchester
Rostislav VeselinovUni Manchester
Ian FairweatherUnioversity of Manchester
Mathew UptonUniv of Manchester
Simon LovellUniverisity of Manchester
Mike WoodUniveristy of Salford
Michael WalkerUniversity
Alex WilkieUniversity
Ali RaoofUniversity
zahra hamrangUniversity
hugh devlinUniversity
Abid KhanUniversity
Louise WalkinUniversity
Chris PlackUniversity
Anna MaehrUniversity
Jamie HoneychurchUniversity Manchester
Gareth SidwellUniversity of Liverpool
Sarah-Jane ClellandUniversity of Mamchester
Vasilis PavlidisUniversity of Mancehster
Chloe DuvalUniversity of Mancheser
Konstantin NovoselovUniversity of Manchester
David LeysUniversity of Manchester
Karim LabibUniversity of Manchester
Giacomo De Piccoliuniversity of Manchester
Loriana VitilloUniversity of Manchester
Abbie SaundersUniversity of Manchester
Catherine WalkerUniversity of Manchester
Richard WinpennyUniversity of Manchester
Zahid ShahUniversity of Manchester
Ben MInogueuniversity of manchester
Ryan CostelloUniversity of Manchester
Duncan SmithUniversity of Manchester
John CastleUniversity of Manchester
Neil DixonUniversity of Manchester
Karel DoreyUniversity of Manchester
Stephen HighUniversity of Manchester
Priti KalraUniversity of Manchester
Richard KiftUniversity of Manchester
David BriggsUniversity of Manchester
Nicole GruenheitUniversity of Manchester
Jennifer HeyesUniversity of Manchester
Roy GoodacreUniversity of Manchester
Emanuele SpinosaUniversity of Manchester
David cobleyuniversity of Manchester
Andrew WilliamsonUniversity of Manchester
Alexandre BorovikUniversity of Manchester
Ayse LatifUniversity of Manchester
Casey BergmanUniversity of Manchester
Emanuela MonteiroUniversity of Manchester
Rosalind Le FeuvreUniversity of Manchester
Ged BradyUniversity of Manchester
Sam HayUniversity of Manchester
Nancy PapalopuluUniversity of Manchester
Francesco LanucaraUniversity of Manchester
Philip DayUniversity of Manchester
Tokiharu TakahashiUniversity of Manchester
David GarrodUniversity of Manchester
Rainer BreitlingUniversity of Manchester
Wolfgang BreitwieserUniversity of Manchester
Gillian FarnieUniversity of Manchester
Yvonne HeyUniversity of Manchester
Daniel WhiteUniversity of Manchester
Simon DovediUniversity of Manchester
Grazyna Lipowska-BhallaUniversity of Manchester
Simon MitchellUniversity of Manchester
Eriko TakanoUniversity of Manchester
Martin StewardUniversity of Manchester
Sara CadecoUniversity of Manchester
Ralf BrandUniversity of Manchester
Jonathan WalthoUniversity of Manchester
Eleanor CheadleUniversity of Manchester
Yaoyong LiUniversity of Manchester
Nicole LeferinkUniversity of Manchester
AJ MitchellUniversity of Manchester
Hanno SjutsUniversity of Manchester
Jessica BirtUniversity of Manchester
Aitor Hernandez OrtegaUniversity of Manchester
Ceferino Varón GonzálezUniversity of Manchester
Alvaro FernandesUniversity of Manchester
Samuel BlackledgeUniversity of Manchester
Hugo DayUniversity of Manchester
Agnes GrallertUniversity of Manchester
Dana Abi-GhanemUniversity of Manchester
Niki VermeulenUniversity of Manchester
Gillian NewtonUniversity of Manchester
Cliff MitchellUniversity of Manchester
Ria WestonUniversity of Manchester
Katie PowisUniversity of Manchester
Christopher BallentineUniversity of Manchester
Niall HamiltonUniversity of Manchester
Samuel IllingworthUniversity of Manchester
David SchultzUniversity of Manchester
Gordon McFiggansUniversity of Manchester
Mark BarleyUniversity of Manchester
Rosalind WilkesUniversity of Manchester
Jonathan ClaydenUniversity of Manchester
Oliver WarrUniversity of Manchester
Roisin MoriartyUniversity of Manchester
Laura NewsomeUniversity of Manchester
Richard PattrickUniversity of Manchester
Katherine JoyUniversity of Manchester
Michael BroadleyUniversity of Manchester
Annick SawalaUniversity of Manchester
Fiona UlphUniversity of Manchester
Robert BeresfordUniversity of Manchester
Katherine MorrisUniversity of Manchester
Jonathan RedfernUniversity of Manchester
Colin GleesonUniversity of Manchester
Franziska BonathUniversity of Manchester
David GilhamUniversity of Manchester
Peter MarchUniversity of Manchester
John GallagherUniversity of Manchester
Helen ValentineUniversity of Manchester
Hugo RickettsUniversity of Manchester
Michael BromleyUniversity of Manchester
Nicoletta BobolaUniversity of Manchester
Aleksandra GaletinUniversity of Manchester
Gabriele FumagalliUniversity of Manchester
Kirsty HeydonUniversity of Manchester
Tabasum KhushiUniversity of Manchester
Rachel EyreUniversity of Manchester
Nicholas RattrayUniversity of Manchester
Amelie HarleUniversity of Manchester
Peter WestUniversity of Manchester
Constantinos DemonacosUniversity of Manchester
Michael BramhallUniversity of Manchester
Chris CawthorneUniversity of Manchester
Diana Garcia LopezUniversity of Manchester
Benjamin ThackrayUniversity of Manchester
Claudia WellbrockUniversity of Manchester
Mick BrownUniversity of Manchester
Rachel DockryUniversity of Manchester
Ganna RozhnovaUniversity of Manchester
Emma DaviesUniversity of Manchester
Kimberley HoltUniversity of Manchester
Natalie BurrowsUniversity of Manchester
suzanne johnsonUniversity of Manchester
Marcin FraczekUniversity of Manchester
IMANOL AROZARENAUniversity of Manchester
Michal DudekUniversity of Manchester
Brian TelferUniversity of Manchester
Chris FitzpatrickUniversity of Manchester
Muhammad RajaUniversity of Manchester
Lynsey RogersonUniversity of Manchester
Darren RobertsUniversity of Manchester
Erik SwyngedouwUniversity of Manchester
Karen ForbesUniversity of Manchester
Graham PavittUniversity of Manchester
Stuart AllanUniversity of Manchester
Ben StappersUniversity of Manchester
Christian HeintzenUniversity of Manchester
Chris GrantUniversity of Manchester
Robert SansomUniversity of Manchester
Magnus RattrayUniversity of Manchester
Russell SwiftUniversity of Manchester
Sonia BaciUniversity of Manchester
James AllanUniversity of Manchester
Susanne ShultzUniversity of Manchester
Hans WesterhoffUniversity of Manchester
Maria Crespo LopezUniversity of Manchester
Fiona HendersonUniversity of Manchester
Alessandro SianiUniversity of Manchester
lisa swantonuniversity of manchester
Francesca WoodUniversity of Manchester
Robert NuddsUniversity of Manchester
Lydia WunderleyUniversity of Manchester
Aishwarya PayapillyUniversity of Manchester
Emily BeetschenUniversity of Manchester
Devan Hopkinsonuniversity of manchester
Anne WhiteUniversity of Manchester
Ghislaine Robert-NicoudUniversity of Manchester
Alison PawleyUniversity of Manchester
James FildesUniversity of Manchester
Amanda Williamsonuniversity of manchester
Osman ZarrougUniversity of Manchester
Philippa BrowningUniversity of Manchester
Carmine CircelliUniversity of Manchester
Dermot LynottUniversity of Manchester
Louise ConnellUniversity of Manchester
Luke GeorghiouUniversity of Manchester
Mark MorganUniversity of manchester
Enrique AmayaUniversity of Manchester
Paris YiapanisUniversity of Manchester
Ellen PoliakoffUniversity of Manchester
Dimitra ValdramidouUniversity of Manchester
Sara NamvarUniversity of Manchester
Ioannis PoursaitidisUniversity of Manchester
Michael PeelUniversity of Manchester
Alison WeardenUniversity of Manchester
Jennifer RowntreeUniversity of Manchester
Duncan ForsterUniversity Of Manchester
Malihah SadeqUniversity of Manchester
Karren PalmerUniversity of Manchester
Serena MasinoUniversity of Manchester
Francesca LudwinskiUniversity of Manchester
Rebecca Wragg SykesUniversity of Manchester
Maija SalokangasUniversity of Manchester
Hywel OwenUniversity of Manchester
Antony PaytonUniversity of Manchester
Aisling ChaneyUniversity of Manchester
David HolderUniversity of Manchester
George WalkdenUniversity of Manchester
Jean-Marc SchwartzUniversity of Manchester
Stephen WattsUniversity of Manchester
Ian BrowneUniversity of Manchester
Sophina QasimUniversity of Manchester
Andrew MurrayUniversity of Manchester
Robert ApplebyUniversity of Manchester
Sean FreemanUniversity of Manchester
Paul WalmsleyUniversity of Manchester
Clive DickinsonUniversity of Manchester
Rachel GriffithUniversity of Manchester
Dhafir KasassbehUniversity of Manchester
Moses AdogaUniversity of Manchester
Heather VincentUniversity of Manchester
Simon HubbardUniversity of Manchester
David SwansonUniversity of Manchester
Gillian ArmittUniversity of Manchester
Marija Krstic-DemonacosUniversity of Manchester
Gareth JonesUniversity of Manchester
Kyriakos NeanidisUniversity of Manchester
Alex Langford-SmithUniversity of Manchester
Stuart ShieldsUniversity of Manchester
Gabriel Siles-BruggeUniversity of Manchester
Nicholas TurnbullUniversity of Manchester
Peter HumphreysUniversity of Manchester
Deborah talmiuniversity of manchester
Patti AdankUniversity of Manchester
Cheryl CapekUniversity of Manchester
Luke JonesUniversity of Manchester
Lorna KennedyUniversity of Manchester
Laura JonesUniversity of Manchester
Deborah ChavritUniversity of Manchester
Charles StreuliUniversity of Manchester
Penelope LewisUniversity of Manchester
Robert FordUniversity of Manchester
Karl HerholzUniversity of Manchester
Jane GreenUniversity of Manchester
Alessandra FortiUniversity of Manchester
Philip ThomasUniversity of Manchester
Anna MurphyUniversity of Manchester
Derren HeyesUniversity of Manchester
Giles JohnsonUniversity of Manchester
Matthew PennyUniversity of Manchester
Anne JuelUniversity of Manchester
Christopher BakerUniversity of Manchester
Paul HoffmanUniversity of Manchester
Pamela LorimerUniversity Of Manchester
John HydeUniversity of Manchester
Jeanette EdwardsUniversity of Manchester
Madeleine ReevesUniversity of Manchester
Ismail ErturkUniversity of Manchester
John V PickstoneUniversity of Manchester
Pedro Ramos PintoUniversity of Manchester
Peter WadeUniversity of Manchester
Keith BrennanUniversity of Manchester
James kirkuniversity of Manchester
Simone TurchettiUniversity of Manchester
Alisha GibsonUniversity of Manchester
Mark FarrarUniversity of Manchester
Erin BaggaleyUniversity of Manchester
Gillian EvansUniversity of Manchester
Penelope HarveyUniversity of Manchester
Helen WallworthUniversity of Manchester
Jesse NorrisUniversity of Manchester
Tom ChoulartonUniversity of Manchester
Mark BoyleUniversity of Manchester
Elizabeth CravenUniversity of Manchester
Rachel HardingUniversity of Manchester
Adam StanierUniversity of Manchester
Marco GersabeckUniversity of Manchester
Xiaowei JiangUniversity of Manchester
Thomas Elias CocoliosUniversity of Manchester
Kieran FlanaganUniversity of Manchester
Iris Trender-GerhardUniversity of Manchester
Jonathan HarrisonUniversity of Manchester
Apostolos PilaftsisUniversity of Manchester
Simon BrownUniversity of Manchester
George LaffertyUniversity of Manchester
Roger BraithwaiteUniversity of Manchester
Stefan Soldner-RemboldUniversity of Manchester
Rob LindsayUniversity of Manchester
Benjamin Radburn-SmithUniversity of Manchester
Regina HerholzUniversity of Manchester
Alexandru ConstantinUniversity of Manchester
Caroline JayUniversity of Manchester
Andrew WahtmoreUniversity of Manchester & Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital
David JenkinsUniversity of Manchester - Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Martin YuilleUniversity of Manchester /MAHSC
Maurizio SerlucaUniversity of Manchester and Cockcroft Institute
Paul BurgessUniversity of Manchester Jodrell Bank
Georges LacaudUniversity of Manchester Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Anthony KarageorgosUniversity of Manchester, Manchester Business School
Luke ThompsonUniversity of Manchester, Manchester; Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury
François GriaudUniversity of Manchester, Paterson Institite for Cancer Research
Cassandra HodgkinsonUniversity of Manchester, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Christian SchwanenbergerUniversity of Manchester, School of Physics and Astronomy
Stefano MarianiUniversity of Salford
Anandteerth R ParvatikarUniversity of Sussex
jason dortchuniversity ofmanchester
Peter Shumunivrsity of Salford, manchester
Rowan MooreWaters
Rhys JonesWaters