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23 Oct. 2012



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PersonOrganisations (256)
Lynsey BrownAlder hey Childrens Hospital
Tim Hendersonalder hey childrens NHS Trust
Karen PhelanAlder Hey NHS Foundation Trust
Andrew EvansCitizen
Max KleinDepartment of Physics
Thomas ButcherEuropean Institute of Fitness
Giancarlo BiaginiGiancarlo Biagini
Adam ChoHuntingtons Disease Assocaition
William CrowderHuntingtons Disease Association
Fiona SturrockHuntingtons Disease Association
Athanasios PantelousIFAM, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool
Ste TaylorJohn Moores University
Karl HarveyLiverpool Cancer Trials Unit
Rizwan QureshiLiverpool Clinical Trials Unit
Terry JonesLiverpool CR-UK Centre
Richard MothLiverpool Hope University
David EnglandLiverpool John Moores
Andrew EvansLiverpool John Moores university
Phil JamesLiverpool John Moores University
Iain SteeleLiverpool John Moores University
Carole MundellLiverpool John Moores University
Stacey HaberghamLiverpool John Moores University
Christopher DavisLiverpool John Moores University
Neil ClayLiverpool John Moores University
Doug ArnoldLiverpool John Moores University
Chris CopperwheatLiverpool John Moores University
Clare IvoryLiverpool John Moores University
Nate BastianLiverpool John Moores University
Fatima Perez de HerediaLiverpool John Moores University
Ryan HamiltonLiverpool John Moores University
David BersierLiverpool John Moores University
Mike BodeLiverpool John Moores University
Paulo LisboaLiverpool John Moores University
Trung Thanh NguyenLiverpool John Moores University
Graham SherwoodLiverpool John Moores University
Jennifer SneddonLiverpool John Moores University
Sara WaringLiverpool John Moores University
Laura BishopLiverpool John Moores University
Andrew NewsamLiverpool John Moores University
Kostas KiriakoulakisLiverpool John Moores University
Brett LempereurLiverpool John Moores University
Marianne JohnstoneLiverpool NIHR Pancreas Biomedical Research Unit
Janet StormLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Lee HainesLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Sophie ArchardLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Maria Pilar Requena MendezLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Rachel PiggottLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Jaroslaw KrzywinskiLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Alister CraigLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Eilidh CarrintonLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Alvaro Acosta-SerranoLIverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Alice HallidayLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
katy lloydLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Susana BarbosaLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
James LaCourseLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Denis VoroninLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Katherine KayLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Brent ThomasLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Michelle StantonLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
David WaterhouseLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Clair RoseLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Christopher JonesLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
David WeetmanLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Gareth WhiteleyLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Clare StrodeLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Christopher MoxonLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Olivia TullochLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
John DusabeLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Miriam TaegtmeyerLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Faye MoodyLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Nicola DesmondLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Shiva Seyed ForootanLiverpool University
Annabel RiceLiverpool University
Steve JonesLiverpool University
Alex MilosevicLiverpool University Dental Hospital
Nial PickeringLJMU
Elizabeth WhitfieldLJMU
Vicki AustinLSTM
Helen WilliamsLSTM
Darren CookLSTM
Christopher SpencerLSTM
Kimberley DoolanMedicines for Children Local Research Network
Charlotte WilliamsNational Oceanography Centre
Joanne WilliamsNational Oceanography Centre
Lucy BrichenoNational Oceanography Centre
Alejandro SouzaNational Oceanography Centre
Laurent AmoudryNational Oceanography Centre
Judith WolfNational Oceanography Centre
Sarah CouplandPathology, Dept. of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine
Michael A Houldenprivate citizen
Francesco Sandrelliprivate citizen
Anthony HunterPrivate citizen
Robert JohnsonPrivate Citizen
Reece WhitbyRedX Pharma
Axel KroegerSchool of Tropical Medicine, University
Liz ShawSecondary school
Keith HattonThe University of Liverpool
Kirsty YoungThe University of Liverpool
Constant van den Bergthe University of Liverpool
Myfanwy LilesThe University of Liverpool
Andreas LangUniverity
Kathryn MarleyUniverity of Liverpool
Guadalupe Gomez BaenaUniversity
Rike StelkensUniversity
Yan LavalleeUniversity
Rachel PopeUniversity
Anita HargreavesUniversity Hospital Aintree
Mark CaddickUniversity of Livepool
David SiskaUniversity of Liveprool
Aleksandra Rak-RaszewskaUniversity of Liverpool
Virginie MournetasUniversity of Liverpool
Pryank PatelUniversity of Liverpool
Ilaria Santeramouniversity of liverpool
Bettina WilmUniversity of Liverpool
Sam ChongUniversity of Liverpool
Rose WilmotUniversity of Liverpool
Christopher PorterUniversity of Liverpool
susan wrayUniversity of Liverpool
Daniel RigdenUniversity of Liverpool
Arthur TaylorUniversity of Liverpool
Abbie TrewinUniversity of Liverpool
Anne HerrmannUniversity of Liverpool
Sophie ThompsonUniversity of Liverpool
Marco MarcelloUniversity of Liverpool
Amy ClaydonUniversity of Liverpool
RS HillUniversity of Liverpool
Bahram EbrahimiUniversity of Liverpool
Tarja KinnunenUniversity of Liverpool
Zenobia LewisUniversity of Liverpool
Lynn McLeanUniversity of Liverpool
Benjamin WilliamsUniversity of Liverpool
James JohnsonUniversity of Liverpool
Matthew EdmondsUniversity of Liverpool
Alan MorganUniversity of Liverpool
Michael WeindlingUniversity of Liverpool
ILIK SACCHERIUniversity of Liverpool
Christins ParkesUniversity of Liverpool
Barbara FrankeUniversity of Liverpool
Davide GrossiUniversity of Liverpool
Floriana GrassoUniversity of Liverpool
Adam EarpUniversity of Liverpool
Rob BeynonUniversity of Liverpool
Tom PriceUniversity of Liverpool
Violaine SeeUniversity of Liverpool
Alexey PiunovskiyUniversity of Liverpool
Thomas TeubnerUniversity of Liverpool
Antonius PlaggeUniversity of Liverpool
Kim HallUniversity of Liverpool
Svetlana AntonyukUniversity of Liverpool
Cheryl BennettUniversity of Liverpool
Christopher MitchellUniversity of Liverpool
Victor SantanaUniversity of Liverpool
Josu G. AldayUniversity of Liverpool
Rachel JeffreysUniversity of Liverpool
Nck RoganUniversity of Liverpool
Marilena PatsalidouUniversity of Liverpool
Farzad S.ForootanUniversity of Liverpool
Damian ClancyUniversity of Liverpool
Michael DaviesUniversity of Liverpool
Luigi Da ViaUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew WeeksUniversity of Liverpool
Louise da SilvaUniversity of Liverpool
Gareth OwensUniversity of Liverpool
Martina AngiUniversity of Liverpool
Puthen Veettil JitheshUniversity of Liverpool
Sarah LakeUniversity of Liverpool
Elinor ChapmanUniversity of Liverpool
Janet RiskUniversity of Liverpool
Diane LatawiecUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew DaviesUniversity of Liverpool
Peter NewsteadUniversity of Liverpool
Triantafillos LiloglouUniversity of Liverpool
Victoria ShawUniversity Of Liverpool
Kathleen TillUniversity of Liverpool
Jane ArmstrongUniversity of Liverpool
Thomas MohauptUniversity of Liverpool
Christopher TuplinUniversity of Liverpool
Helen AspinallUniversity of Liverpool
Pascal SalaunUniversity of Liverpool
Jens HoltvoethUniversity of Liverpool
Hill KuluUniversity of Liverpool
Tom BarkerUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew HeathUniversity of Liverpool
Claire MahaffeyUniversity of Liverpool
Paschalia PantaziUniversity of Liverpool
zofia ArchibaldUniversity of Liverpool
john kavanaghuniversity of liverpool
Jim MarshallUniversity of Liverpool
Tom HarrisonUniversity of Liverpool
Duncan GarrowUniversity of Liverpool
Christopher EyreUniversity of Liverpool
Matthew PontingUniversity of Liverpool
Eleni AsoutiUniversity of Liverpool
Beverley ScottUniversity of Liverpool
Bruce RoutledgeUniversity of LIverpool
Athina GiannoudisUniversity of Liverpool
Cyril CaminadeUniversity of Liverpool
Richard BradshawUniversity of Liverpool
Andy MorseUniversity of Liverpool
ian mcleoduniversity of liverpool
Elizabeth SlaterUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew DuckworthUniversity of Liverpool
Elizabeth FisherUniversity of Liverpool
Mary DeanUniversity of Liverpool
Matthew MurdochUniversity of Liverpool
William HopeUniversity of Liverpool
Susan HowardUniversity of Liverpool
Lea GregsonUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew SharpUniversity of Liverpool
joanne goodwinUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew BigginUniversity of Liverpool
Anna PratoussevitchUniversity of Liverpool
Crystal FrostUniversity of Liverpool
Steve Parrattuniversity of Liverpool
Michael J. BojdysUniversity of Liverpool
C HopkinsUniversity of Liverpool
Brian AustinUniversity of Liverpool
Aaron BundockUniversity of Liverpool
Caroline SmithUniversity of Liverpool
Liam CheesemanUniversity of Liverpool
Kate BennettUniversity of Liverpool
Peter WeightmanUniversity of Liverpool
Michael LyonsUniversity of Liverpool
Robert PageUniversity of Liverpool
Peter ButlerUniversity of Liverpool
Janneke van de WijgertUniversity of Liverpool
Christoph HoellerUniversity of Liverpool
Themis BowcockUniversity of Liverpool
Christos TouramanisUniversity of Liverpool
Paul LaycockUniversity of Liverpool
Matthew RobinsonUniversity of Liverpool
Martin VolkUniversity of Liverpool
David YoungUniversity of Liverpool
Joachim PlaceUniversity of Liverpool
Alan BoyleUniversity of Liverpool
Jonathan LauderdaleUniversity of Liverpool
Bart CraenenUniversity of Liverpool
John BlandUniversity of Liverpool
Peter WallerUniversity of Liverpool
Stephen MaxfieldUniversity of Liverpool
Carsten WelschUniversity of Liverpool
Sehar NaveedUniversity of Liverpool
Rob AshworthUniversity of Liverpool
Alejandro GarciaUniversity of Liverpool
Anthony AffolderUniversity of Liverpool
Alexandra WelschUniversity of Liverpool
Stuart McEwenUniversity of Liverpool
Karol HennessyUniversity of Liverpool
Kyle DohertyUniversity of Liverpool
Peter CobboldUniversity of Liverpool
Lucy FrithUniversity of Liverpool
Eva CaamanoUniversity of Warwick
Arturas GrauslysUniversity of Warwick and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Rebecca KossUniversty of Liverpool